(SOLD OUT) The Garden Club

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Celebrating some of Britain’s most loved and regular garden visitors. From the far left, we see the teeny Wren looking up in awe at the huge and slightly silly Collared Dove. Next is the clever Blue Tit taking a cherry from under the beak of the Redbreast Robin. Known as Britain’s favourite bird (and aptly placed in the centre of the painting), the Robin is very busy competing with the Longtailed Tit in a “Who’s the fuzziest?” competition. We then see the Blackbird trying to listen for worms wriggling underground but is struggling to hear because of the chittering of the noisy House Sparrow (sshh!!!).




Product Description

These prints are made from the finest materials available which will ensure long lasting beauty and will protect your investment in fine art. They are meticulously matched to the original painting to attain a print that faithfully captures the essence of the original.