tabby framed

Here’s looking at you- £2,000

Available to purchase
£2,200 professionally mounted and framed to conservation standards.

A beautiful, poised tabby cat. Anyone who’s seen Casablanca will know this famous line between Rick and Ilsa!

Zero interest payment plans available: Pay £733.33 per month for 3 months.

  • Painted using Winsor & Newton and Daler-Rowney artistic acrylic paints on acid-free fine art watercolour paper.
  • Signed by the artist, Aaminah Snowdon and supplied with a certificate of authenticity.
  • Professionally framed to conservation standards with a painted finish frame, over which is applied a light coloured wash. Then a 2cm wide gold painted slip is added between the frame and the original painting to lift the image further. It is glazed with speciality glass called ARTglass.
    What is Artglass?: It is a speciality glass that reduces reflection and improves clarity and vibrancy. From certain viewing angles, the glass appears invisible. In contrast, standard glass (used by the majority of picture framers and is perfectly fine for use when framing most limited edition prints) causes reflection and the impurities in the glass make the image appear duller.

  • The example shown here shows 2 butterflies, side by side, with ARTglass in the left half of the frame and standard glass in the right half. This scan has not been altered or enhanced in any way and clearly shows how ARTglass improves the clarity and vibrancy of the image.

This painting is in the Collier and Dobson Gallery in Fordingbridge. Please call them on 01425 655576 (open weekdays 11.00am – 3.00pm, or weekends



Product Description

These mounted original paintings are made from the finest materials available which will ensure long lasting beauty and will protect your investment in fine art.



Sizes are approximate

Size Painting size Framed size
One size   550 (H) x  560 (W) mm   660 (H) x 770 (W) mm